Masquerade (Folder - Apple II)

Like all post-1982 Phoenix games, Masquerade came into a flat cardboard pack with the insturctions printed on the inside. Included were the game disk (with Tyvek sleeve), an entry form for the Masquerade contest, and in some cases, a Phoenix Software catalog.

Some Masquerade packages came in a plastic bag; in other cases, the cardboard pack was shrinkwrapped.

I'm not sure of the packaging for the C-64 version, which was released by American Eagle. In all likelyhood, it was the same, with an American Eagle sticker covering the Phoenix logo and contact information, but there's a small possibility that it may have been released in the American Eagle box package. If you have an original C-64 release, then please get in touch.

Front of folder

Back of folder

Inside of folder

Original disk and sleeve

Front of contest form

Back of contest form

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