There is much information already available regarding most of the bigger names of the early days of computer gaming. However, the works of smaller publishers are often poorly documented. With many games selling less than 1000 copies, hand-packaged in ziploc bags, and distributed out of bedrooms and garages, it's no surprise. The main objective of the GUE is to provide information on these smaller publishers and lesser-known games, information that in many cases is available nowhere else. In a few instances, the software itself cannot even be found in disk image libraries... A second objective is to preserve those original bits and bytes, as authentically as possible. While the GUE's primary interest is with software for the Apple II family, it is by no means limited to it.

Another objective is to obtain behind-the-scenes stories, even on more popular, more familiar games. What was the inspiration behind Masquerade? How many copies of Gruds in Space were sold? Fascinating questions, but few have the answers. Perhaps you do, and if you were a game author, publisher, or you just happen to know, then please send me an e-mail. But otherwise, just enjoy what's presented!

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