30 December 2023 Happy 2024!
A little update as we head into 2024. Hope everyone had a great 2023 - it's certainly been a good year for software archiving, as I've been able to locate a number of the GUE's "most wanted" items - in particular, Wheeler Dealers by Speakeasy Software, thanks to a great tip from someone writing.

Other games like Tank Command and Earthly Delights, and the utility Tablet Graphics have also been found! So I'm updating the list below... and still hopeful that one day someone will turn up with an original disk for Chambers of Xenobia.
6 January 2023 A few more finds
It's now 2023 and I still haven't really updated the site. That said there's been some progress in locating (and archiving) some of the most-wanted titles. Most notably, I found a copy of Lauren of the 25th Century a few months ago. This was the last of the Rhiannon Software adventure games targeted specifically towards young girls - it's great to see that it is now preserved for the future. I also located a copy of Chambers of Xenobia, a story on its own... unfortunately, the disk has a large de-magnetized area and therefore cannot be properly imaged. So I'm still looking for a disk for that one - if you have one, please, please get in touch.
30 October 2021 New news!
Wow. It's been about 8 years since I've updated this site... but hey, I am still around. Lots has happened in the last few years, in particular with the release of the Applesauce Floppy Disk Controller and the creation of the WOZ disk format for the Apple II by someone much, much more knowledgeable than me. This finally achieves the objective of creating exact images of Apple II disks suitable for preservation (copy protection included), so the disk images that you'll find on this site have now been superseded. That said, rest assured, all of the Apple II software presented here has been re-imaged in WOZ format.

What else has happened since 2014... well I've accomplished a number of my "most wanted" objectives - I've found an original copy of Fraktured Faebles and one of Dragon Side II, I've managed to get in touch with Steven Sacks (although he did not have a copy of Chambers of Xenobia, unfortunately), and most interestingly I recently (finally!) got in touch with Dale Johnson, author of Masquerade. Or rather, I got in touch with his family as sadly Dale died in 1999, which explains why it was so difficult to find information about him.

I haven't updated the rest of the site though, but one day I might. I get mail once in a while from people saying how much they enjoy the scans and information presented here, so it's not going anywhere. Meanwhile, if you happen to have a copy of any of the software I'm looking for... or if you wrote Apple II software during the early 1980s... please get in touch!
Most wanted information/items:

1. Original disk for Chambers of Xenobia (Avant-Garde Creations)
2. Original packaging and disks for Skeetshoot and Trapshoot (On-Line Systems)
3. Original disk for Gemini (Phoenix Software)
4. Original disk for Doom Valley (Superior Software Inc)
5. Original manual for Time Lord (Ramware)

If you can help with the above, then please send an e-mail using the link at the bottom of the page

The GUE is also looking for the following original game packages. Can you help?

Skeetshoot (On-Line Systems)Trapshoot (On-Line Systems)
Speedway Classic (Actioncraft)Might & Magic: The Lava Pits of Aznar (Sanctum Software)
Chambers of Xenobia - disk only (Avant-Garde Creations)Lunar Lander II (Sensible Software)
Gemini - disk only (Phoenix Software)Windfall - disk only (Edu-Ware)
Journey Into Darkness (Earthware)Gelfling Adventure - disk only (Sierra/On-Line Systems)

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