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4 January 2009 Happy New Year? You bet!
Well, it seems like it's been a while since the last update... oh yes it has, seeing as how the last news item was a year ago! It's been an incredibly busy year (no different than usual, I suppose!) and I only wish I had more time to do research and update the site - but I'd rather take the time to do it properly and bring you worthwhile updates. Speaking of updates, I've got a great one, and hopefully it was worth a year's wait. The following is new:
  • Earthware Computer Services as a profiled publisher, and two of their titles: Zoo Master and Black Belt, written by Kevin Ryan, of Dynamix fame. Both titles saw limited distribution, with sales of around 100 copies

  • Edu-Ware as a profiled publisher, including a game profile on The Prisoner, all with insight from Edu-Ware employee and author David Mullich

  • Speakeasy Software as a profiled publisher - yes, I finally managed to track down information on Speakeasy, and what a tale it is. Company founder Brian Beninger tells it all!

  • The little-known and possibly unique Harper & Row version of Amnesia (the text adventure written by Thomas M. Disch and eventually released by Electronic Arts)... including Disch's 436-page manuscript, in text-searchable .PDF format for your convenience!

  • The original Queen of Phobos artwork, under the Phoenix Software section

  • Updates to Beneath Apple Manor, now including a disk image of the original 1978 release

  • A disk image of the Sherwood Forest coloring book - essentially an early version of Sherwood Forest pictures (look under Sherwood Forest)

  • A disk image of Dale Johnson's adventures which includes "Mission in Madness", what looks like a developmental version of Masquerade (look under Masquerade)

  • Various other small corrections

  • ...and saving the best for last: the design document to Prisoner 2, a fascinating and historically-significant document which details everything about the inner workings of Prisoner 2. Thank you David Mullich!
Enjoy! And please remember that if you have any information/items which could be of use to the GUE (our "most wanted" list is just below), please, please, please send us a note!

Happy 2009!

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