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5 January 2008 New items for a new year
Happy 2008 everyone! Just in time for the new year, I unshrink (blasphemy, I know!) a very rare Apple II game called Real Life: The Greatest Adventure of All, and present it here for your viewing and downloading pleasure. This text adventure game sold between 50-100 copies, a total which was not helped by very poor reviews. The original disk was not copy protected, which made for an easy conversion to .DSK. You can find the game, and the reviews (including a scathing article by John C. Dvorak) under the "Others" section.

I've also made a slight improvement to the game archive for The Tarturian: you can now download the entire manual (in .PDF format), instead of just the cover page.

Here's hoping 2008 is a good year for Apple II and computer game preservation - as always, if you have information or items that are on our wanted list, please get in touch!

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