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1 August 2007 First edition Mystery House and The Lost Ark of the Covenant
Ever wonder what the first release of the first ever graphic adventure game looks like? Yes, that would be the very first release of Mystery House, which you can find under the "Others" section.

Also for this update, some behind-the-scenes information from John Botti, author of The Lost Ark of the Covenant. Now CEO of Black Ops Entertainment, John was gracious enough to answer my many questions about his game. A fantastic read which you can find under the now-updated game description. Thanks John!
7 April 2007 Mystery solved: Highlands Computer Services
My apologies for the long time between updates, but finding out long-lost information requires some detective work... and I'm often at the mercy of others when it comes to answers to my many questions (and understandably so!). However, I think you will agree that this update has been worth waiting for. Here's what's new:
  • The Highlands Computer Services mystery has been solved! I was able to track down company founder Butch Greathouse who provided a wealth of information! How I got there is quite a story... which I'll save for a future update. Look under Highlands Computer Services for the goods!

  • Detailed information on Goblins - I had the opportunity to speak with the author of the game

  • A new publisher: Commonwealth Software, featuring a very extensive conversation with co-founder Adam West

  • Hint sheets are now available for Sherwood Forest, Elysian Fields, Goblins, Creature Venture, and Castles of Darkness

  • Also new are scans of Highlands Computer Services price lists and of the Phoenix Software catalog

  • And a few other minor updates

At the moment, I'm seeking information on Speakeasy Software, the small Canadian outfit who published Dani Bunten's first game in 1978. Can anyone help?

I've also added a list of original games the GUE is looking for - if you can help with any, please send an e-mail. Thanks and enjoy!

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