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3 December 2006 The Chalice of Mostania, Goblins, and Gemini images now available
A smaller update to the site today, but an exciting one nevertheless: The Chalice of Mostania, Goblins, and Gemini are now available for download in .DSK format! Many thanks to Dan Chisarick for unprotecting The Chalice of Mostania and Goblins, and thanks to Marcus Heuser for providing the Gemini image.

Additionally, I've updated the game profile for Chalice of Mostania. Scans of all packaging elements are now available.
23 November 2006 Marching on with more games and more great information!
It's been over a month since the last update, but I think you'll find that it's been worth it:

  • Great new insight and information provided by Paul Berker for Adventure in Time, Birth of the Phoenix, and Queen of Phobos - check out the narratives

  • Pictures of the gaming/programming community in the early 1980s, once again provided by Paul Berker - look under Phoenix Software

  • Dogfight, by Microlab, added to the "Others" section - with inside information from author Bill Basham

  • Scans and disk images added for Lost Ark of the Covenant, a little-known adventure game

  • Elysian Fields added under American Eagle, with a lengthy chat from author Mark Novembrino

  • Disk images and scans for The Princess and the Valley of Fire and Whiz Kid, by Gary Bond, not available on any of the major Apple II disk image sites

  • Scans for Gemini, by Phoenix Software - an original folder has been located! (although I'm still looking for an original disk)

  • Addition of The Logical Choice as a publisher, and game profile for Castles of Darkness, with insight from author Michael Cashen

  • Addition of Magnum Software as a publisher, with a detailed game profile and disk images for Randamn, with once again insight from the programmer and developer

  • And more... is this possible?!

2 October 2006 Introducing Highlands Computer Services and Infocom
The site has been updated again. Here's what's new:

  • Introduction of a new publisher - Highlands Computer Services, with files on their 5 adventure games

  • Addition of Infocom as a publisher - yes, the Infocom we all know. I'm not looking to duplicate anything, as I'm well aware that there's already tons of information on Infocom out there. However, there's still a lot that's been left unsaid, and some may be surprised at the company logo. Well, their first logo, that is... Take a look!

  • Addition of a number of new miscellaneous Phoenix Software items, including promotional material, advertisements, and a poster.

  • Replacement of Masquerade folder scans with new, cleaner ones

  • And a few small corrections here and there!

As always, if you can help or provide material that may be of interest, please get in touch!
16 September 2006 New games! More info! More pictures!
I just finished a significant update to the site. Highlights:

  • Added info about American Eagle and game profiles for two of their games: Kukulcan and Lucifer's Realm. Includes lots of information from Michael Giltzow, author of Kukulcan

  • Added packaging pictures and disk images for Gruds in Space

  • Corrected and added information about Sherwood Forest

  • New game profile of Beneath Apple Manor, with extensive comments from the author, Don Worth

  • Added pictures of original artwork for four Phoenix Software titles

  • And more!

As always, I'm open to suggestions/comments. If you notice links that aren't working or mistakes, please contact me, and as well, if you have info or material to provide, I want to hear from you!
5 August 2006 Update about updates
A quick update about the status of updates: there hasn't been anything new since the site opened in June. Mainly, this is because I've been focusing on my other project, which is the scanning of the first 100 Computer Gaming World issues. This is doing well and is finally headed for completion, therefore I'll have more time to devote to this site. I have some exciting information to post about Beneath Apple Manor, Sherwood Forest, and Kukulcan, among others... so keep checking!
4 June 2006 Welcome to the GUE!
Welcome to the Gallery of Undiscovered Entities. The main objective of the site is to provide information on lesser known games and software publishers of the late 1970s and early 1980s, and to preserve, as best as possible, the original game data. As such, we try and provide scans of original packaging, disk images suitable for use in emulators, and little known trivia regarding these items.

Currently, there is mainly information on Phoenix Software releases, and a handful of other games. Rest assured that the intent is to expand. You'll also notice that there is much more information on some items than on others. Yes, there are many holes, but perhaps you have information or items that we can use. Perhaps you were a game author or publisher. If so, then please contact us right away using the link at the bottom of the page (remember to remove the 'REMOVE' from the e-mail address, written so in the interest of trying to limit spam).

Thanks, and enjoy the visit!

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