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Earthware Computer Services was a small publisher based out of Eugene, Oregon. The company was founded in the early 1980s by Gordon Goles, a geology/chemistry professor at the University of Oregon, and his wife Donna. Earthware originally published a line of science software, including two titles called "Volcanoes" and "Star Search".

Gordon (deceased in November 2003) and Donna Goles separated in 1983, but Donna kept running the company. However, she did not have the knowledge to continue publishing science software. Earthware diversified, releasing a few games, including Kevin Ryan's first two titles - Zoo Master and Black Belt. Kevin later went on to become one of the original owners/partners of Dynamix, working on games such as Arctic Fox, Rise of the Dragon, and Heart of China.

Earthware worked on a few other titles - advertisements in Computer Gaming World link Earthware to titles that include Murder at Malindi, Journey Into Darkness, Out of Time, and Megaventure. Very little information is available on those titles, and it's therefore unknown at this point whether or not these titles were ever released. Earthware was later sold to a buyer from New York.

Black Belt
Zoo Master

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