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ZUG map - Deadline

Although items are listed under Infocom, the Zork User's Group was actually independent from the company. The ZUG produced beautifully illustrated maps and hint booklets for 5 games, before being taken over by Infocom. About 15 000 copies were produced (although I'm not sure if that's 15 000 copies per map or in total). This is the ZUG map for Deadline, which shows an architectural view of the Robner estate. Also included was a supplement detailing the locations in the game.

Front of map

Inside of map

Inside of map

Back of map

Map supplement

First logo
Pre-ZUG map and hints
ZUG map - Deadline
ZUG map - Starcross
ZUG map - Zork I
ZUG map - Zork II
ZUG map - Zork III

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