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Thanks to Paul Berker for providing the scans below. Descriptions:

The first picture shows Phoenix authors Dav Holle and Dale Johnson. Dav is sitting at the keyboard and Dale is standing just behind him wearing a sweater, glasses and a mustache. The picture was taken at Data Domain of Schaumburg, IL when Sherwood Forest came out. That store is no longer there.

The next shows Paul Berker's Apple system when he was writing the games for Phoenix.

The two following pictures are of Bill Crawford while he was working on Queen of Phobos. The next two pictures are Bill Crawford's doodles, shortly before his death in 1984.

Next, Jeff Seeck is shown, author of at least 4 Eamon adventures.

The following pictures are of Paul Berker, one with his ferret "Adrian" writing on the Atari 800, one caught off guard while converting the games to the Atari, and one with Terry Cronin, manager of Data Domain in Schaumburg.

The next pictures are of a "pirate" party - on one, Dav Holle is shown doodling, with Terry Cronin at the edge of the picture.

Finally, the before-last picture shows Ron Unrath and Dav Holle, at a Comdex show back in 1981 or so. The last picture is that of Bill Sefton.

Dav Holle and Dale Johnson

Paul Berker's Apple system

Bill Crawford

Bill Crawford

Bill Crawford's doodles

Bill Crawford's doodles

Jeff Seeck

Paul Berker and his ferret Adrian

Paul Berker

Paul Berker and Terry Cronin

Dav Holle and Terry Cronin

Pirate doodles

Ron Unrath and Dav Holle

Bill Sefton

Adventure in Time
Bats in the Belfry
Birth of the Phoenix
Mad Rat
Queen of Phobos
Sherwood Forest
Sherwood Forest (Japanese)

Bats in the Belfry artwork
Dealer letter
Letter from Starcraft
Mad Rat artwork
Masquerade artwork
Masquerade poster
Promotional material
Queen of Phobos artwork
Sherwood Forest artwork
Sherwood Forest hintbook

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